first of all - integration

Merging experience, know-how, resources and flexible approach assure reaching your company goals. You will never miss your targets with us. Our experience is the key.

value of individuality

Each customer is different even if some mechanisms are similar, we know it and we use it. By offering a portfolio of adjustable and scalable solutions, we can assure it fits exactly to your needs and expectations.

immediate increase of sales forces

We are ready to give our customer an access to perfectly working sales engine in all areas of retail.
More than 300 qualified Promoters, Merchandisers and Field Sales Managers are ready to support business in Poland. Specialised in serving retail chains, prepared and experienced people bring immediate positive effect for sell out and sell in.

effective instruments

We understand how the market constantly evaluates. Harmony of tools and services, achieved by participating on the market for many years let us provide the highest standard of guidance and implementation to your business strategy.